Why You are not getting job offers?

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job offersIn today’s market one of the toughest thing is job searching. You can apply for many jobs, but there is no response from the employers. Sometime if you ask the hiring manager why you weren’t selected for the job, you received  some meaningful answers. Therefore before making any decision, have you thought may be something wrong during the interview. well, just sitting in front of the computer and wonder why you are not getting job is not the right way, its time to make some change . Here are some of the changes you have to focus on..

1) Job requirements–

If you think ,most of the time you were rejected because not having extra years of experience or lack of higher degrees, think again. Today companies are going to pick the best candidates  and the candidates that match their requirements get the job easily, therefore you have to meet the single job requirements. But , that doesn’t mean you give up. Ty to find the job that match your skills and apply for that job.

2) Right keywords on your resume–

Most of the time you have very clear resume free of all errors, still you didn’t get the job. The most important thing is to phrase your resume with the right keywords. Try to use some meaningful and impressive words that imply action and sell your experience with your achievements. Make sure your keywords help you to get job.

3) Poor appearance–

During an interview, if you dress your best, arrive on time and fully prepared for the interview but still not get the job. Its just matter of personality .If you don’t look presentable its of no use,  hiring manager won’t like you and you are not going to get the job.

4) High expectation–

We all want to work at our dream job with high level of salary, but we have to do job that’s good enough . Low down your expectations , Be honest ,prepare your mind and broaden your job search results.

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