Recruitment Assistance in D.C.

Recruitment assistance launched in D.C.

Jobisite has taken one more step forward for building good relationship and is trying to work closely with D.C. recruiters. It is not just job posting in D.C. , but building relationship and offering free services in D.C. .

There are designated assistants for recruiters and fully available to  them for various tasks.


  • Unlimited premium job posting in D.C. (All jobs will be at top results).
  • Special promotion of all premium jobs in various D.C. social pages and networks .
  • A contact person will help in recruiting/finding resumes.
  • Virtual Assistance in recruitment.
  • Help in uploading multiple resumes and placing them.

Now with all this, recruiters get premium services in D.C. which are totally free to try for a month and they can evaluate if it is increasing their business. Many recruiters from D.C. are very actively using this.

It is totally free to try for 30 days and can be cancelled anytime.We use paypal subscription which is safe and secure and user can also manage subscription from their paypal account also.