SEO Guide (continued)

seo guide
Let’s move to Level 3 of SEO guide. You should have decent knowledge of HTML for this.
Level 3 will work on your content.
* Let’s give a anchor link to your content also. You can create a anchor link to your page with your keyword.
Make sure that you add a css class  to that link which is almost same as the content, so that for user, it doesn’t look different. This is a way to create additional internal anchored link to your post. Just one is enough , don’t overdo.
Sample : content content <a href=”#keyword” title=”keyword”>content</a> content
* The website should perform well. Keep your javascript at the bottom of page, after end of body .Many of designers will do this mistake and they will keep javascript includes in head tag.That is old way of coding.Adding javascript at the bottom will improve page rendering. Another thing you can do is to use image sprites.
* Add a canonical tag, dont exceed 52 characters for title tag , include meta tags for indexing and caching,keep short and descriptive urls.
* Avoid flash
* Avoid links created using javascript
* Avoid frames
I think we are done with onpage optimization now. Now let’s move to off page optimization. This is again very crucial factor in getting good rank. By doing onpage  optimization , you tell Google that you are ready and you deserve  the top position.
By doing off page optimization and backlinking, you kill your competitors and move ahead to top position.
Offpage will be having many more levels.
level 4 :
* Directory Submission: I haven’t seen this working, but anyways, let’s do this also. SUbmit your website to all SEO and same niche related directories.
* Pinging/indexing : Now get your website indexed.Try feedping , ping goat or similar pinging websites and let search engines know about you website. There are also indexing websites.
* Stats Websites : There are tons of stats website which can give you fast backlinks. There are many services which will submit your website to all stats websites.
* Avoid link exchanges.
* Submit your RSS feed to few top RSS directories.
* Submit it to 3-4 social bookmarking websites like twitter, digg, reditt , facebook
You are done with indexing of your website now. Google have indexed your website. If you do above , your pages are indexed.Twitter posts have really great effect, I have seen my posts getting indexed within a hour if you have tweeted.Again it depends on how frequently you update  your content.
I will be updating this blog with higher Levels soon. It will have some new and innovative ideas of getting backlinks. Stay tuned.