Looking For Freelance Web Designer

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Looking For Freelance Web Designer

There is a lot of competition out there for Web developers looking to make their mark and

achieve success within their market. To be successful and profitable, they must be able to find

and keep good quality freelance web designers and the business model must be solid. Web

developers need a market that should be big enough to provide plenty of work. The people in

that market must have a pressing need that the developer can fill and they must be willing to

pay the client to fill that need. All that’s needed is to connect with the potential clients and

make an offer they can’t refuse. Here are few tips:

Have the right tools in the toolbox

Finding and getting clients doesn’t happen by itself. The developers need the tools and

connections in place to make prospecting as automatic as possible. A few basic marketing

? A well-optimized website: the website should showcase all the skills. It can be

simple and have as many or few pages as required.

? Social media: the goal is to develop a consistent social media brand. Take time to

develop a solid strategy that could be maintained over time. Use social media to

engage with people and build relationships.

? A blog: starting a personal blog and writing guest posts for respected blogs in

industry benefits a lot. Focus on developing name recognition and credibility.

? LinkedIn: Create a keyword-rich profile, optimized with a professional image and

description. By connecting with people on a regular basis, sharing resources and

answering questions, the developer may find that clients approach easily.

Become an expert at working with clients

Be prepared to take time building relationship, credibility and trust, so they could feel

confident hiring you. Here are a few tips:

? Be personal: Every conversation, whether on the phone, by email or direct message,

should be at prospect. If freelancer web designer’s location is known, reference it. If

they’re getting unusual weather, ask about it. If they’re in a different time zone,

schedule calls relative to their time zone.

? Stay in touch with RightInbox.com: RightInbox makes it easy to follow up with

prospects and customers and even to verify that emails made it to the intended target.

It integrates with Gmail to give the professional CRM system at little to no cost to

? Make it all about them: Whether people are reading your website, corresponding

through email, or working with you on a project, focus on their needs, not yours.

Master the fine art of pricing

Pricing is always about value. If value outweighs price, people don’t mind paying. So

developer’s job is to deliver more value than what freelance web designer expects. Give

progress reports during the project, ask for input at various stages in the project, or follow

up afterward to make sure there are no issues. The web developer should make sure clients

feel they got the better end of the stick. And be sure to communicate that extra value when

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