Sample cover letter for teaching position

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How to write the best cover letter while applying for a teaching job?

The job of a teacher is considered one of the most respected and noblest profession. Are you aspiring for a teaching job? In instances of applying for a teaching job, remember, you need to impress the recruiter with the cover letter of your job application. Remember, the cover letter will give the first impression about your profile to the prospective employers, even before they would refer to your Biodata, attached along with. You may refer to the templates of sample cover letter for teaching position that will enable you to write the perfect and the most appealing job application cover letter.


How to draft the best job application letters for applying for teaching positions?

  • Uphold your academic vitae: though it is not inevitable, still, the majority of the educational institutes prefers to hire those candidates that have got a brilliant academic record.
  • State your trainings and certification: these days, there are various certifications and trainings for teachers that nourishes their teaching abilities. Do you hold such certifications? Have you undergone special teacher training programs? Mention these details so that you get the attention of the recruiter.
  • Uphold your achievements: have you even won any awards or appreciation that establishes your skill as a teacher? If so, you should mention the information in the cover letter. State how you assisted your pupil to gather comprehensive knowledge and helped them to develop a better conceptualization on academic topics
  • More than teaching academic topics, mention, what skill you have to mentor the students for being a good human being.
  • Explain your commitments as a teacher and how you would address those responsibilities
  • Explain what special you have on offer for the institute as well as for the students.

If you are finding it hard to draft the cover letter yourself, you may refer to the sample cover letter for teaching position. You will be getting these resources online, and sometimes, absolutely free of cost.


Example of a cover letter while applying for teaching jobs

Your Name

Postal Address

Phone Number

Email Address



Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs.

I, the undersigned, hereby place my application for the teaching position, lying open with your institute. I got to know about this opportunity from XXX (the source of information).

I graduated from XXX (your college) in the year (year of passing) and subsequently, I am serving XXX (name of the institute you are associated with) as a teacher, teaching XXX (subjects) to the students in XXX (academic level you teach).

I have undergone the XXXX (training program you underwent) and have been certified as XXX(certification, you hold) and, I believe, these credentials have developed in me the expertise to render quality education to my students. In my present capacity as a teacher, I am working with students, coming from different background and I had been successful in taking equal care of pupils, irrespective of their background or areas of interest.

Being Humble, I would like to state that I have won the following awards for my contributions to support the academic pursuits of my students.

(List the rewards and recognition you won till date)

I  am being optimistic that I would be able to guide the students for better academic performances and most importantly, I will be able to guide my students to blossom as a quality human being.

I am looking forward to the meeting with you to discuss more about the opportunity and my candidature for the said position.

Thanking You





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