Interview with The Raven

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Interview with The Raven

How did you come up with the idea for your business?

After being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in the U.S. military, I was pretty much left without a lot of options. Collecting disability ended up coming with a lot of struggles that I don’t think people understand. Being at 100 percent rating, I received a letter stating that I

was not allowed to work, go to a psych ward, and eventually found out that I was not allowed to volunteer my time at a non-profit organization, without losing my disability income. Even though I was friends with a veteran at 70 percent who made over 100,000 a year, and he collected disability every month.


It started feeling like it’s own prison. My only escape from daily feelings of uselessness and my illness, was making music in my bedroom.
I started seeing more progress doing that, than the therapy from the psych ward, and medications combined. This led me to research different
kinds of therapies. Many of which seem to show a lot of potential, but are too expensive, not well known, and not covered by the VA insurance.

I started to realize that there are so many programs that could present with similar functions, like therapeutic gardening, woodworking,mechanics, anything that involves mixing creativity, education, and therapy. But, the only way to attempt to provide these services, is to take the lead myself, and create a non profit organization that focuses solely on these educational and recreational activities.

If these are real solutions, then the applications could have been implementedin any of the numerous systems that I grew up in. From foster care, to welfare, to placement (detention and orphan homes for youth), the military itself, psych wards, and outpatient programs, and even the VA, and things like drug rehab centers, nursing homes, jails. The amount of jobs that could be created under both creative services and therapuetic formats, would spread awareness of mental illness, it’s causes, and act as a preventative measure to those at risk for mental illness and suicide, not just effectively, but financially.

I suppose it’s simply something that just makes sense to me that needs to be done, and I think I can help accomplish that.


What is your mission?

The mission statement, until I can discuss the concept with a lawyer, is “To fund educational and recreational programs in an attempt to
prevent suicide.

This comes with a lot of additional concepts, like going straight to the heart of what education means, and it’s connection to mental illness.
The statistics connecting illiteracy with crime, and mental illness, is oddly high. I don’t see that as such a hard thing to solve. Hooked on phonics connects the three main levels of human learning by visual, audio, and kinesthetic modalities. Science has begun to prove that there are simply people who learn the best by kinesthetic methods, hands on. That format is at the heart of my entire concept.


How do you plan to implement these programs?

Well, if people can donate so that I can afford to start the non-profit organization, I will immediately start by recording the interaction with a non profit lawyer, to show people the steps needed to start their own,while advertising for mine, and getting it done at the same time. I will be keeping people updated with the entire process on the Facebook and youtube pages.Then, I will begin writing grants to the numerous organizations that fund established non profit organizations, in order to begin the business model I have been designing over the last few years. This includes paying fairly known music artists who have had experiences with mental illness, and the previously mentioned systems mentioned above, to share their thoughts and talents. Selling those songs, and sharing them for free online, raising more money for the non profit organization with views and purchase options.

While waiting on these things, I will be doing a podcast with the very artists, therapists, and people who have experienced suicidal ideation,attempts, or have loved ones that have done it. Creating a dialog between those who need the assistance, and those who have the services, in a way that isn’t as expensive, or as overwhelming as a mental health evaluation.

Eventually, funding some of the therapists to create programs in their towns, like recording studios for outpatient services, that they can use to host their already established businesses, but able to offer reduced or free rates, since they were funded by the non profit organization.

Music therapy will probably be the first format that I reach out to,unless there are other established therapies that can be funded cheaper and faster. I will be updating all services on a website, that will be pinned to the Facebook page The Crazed Haven, the
page, The Crazed Haven, and the youtube page, The Crazed Haven for easy reference. There will be people who update their progress, visually, what they like about the programs, what they think could be enhanced, and tours can be given to show other professionals what’s been working for the programs that are funded. There will eventually be benefit concerts specifically to raise more money, bring more awareness, and give people evidence of progress.


I’ll leave it at, “there”. It’s a fairly involved plan, where music is the easiest way to present the idea, but will not be the only avenue to raise funds, and help with awareness, nor will it be the only focus of programs funded.


Where can our readers learn more online?

I should have read this question before mentioning it all above, so,I guess I’ll share the exact links here.

The first one I’d like you to see is the first fundraising campaign, that so far hasn’t received much promotion, there are numerous colors,
so scroll through to see if you like any of them, this is my best option to get off the ground unless you donate directly to [email protected] on paypal.

The podcast and video updates will be on this page:

The Crazed Haven Facebook Page where updates and resources will be shared:

The Crazed Haven Reverb Nation page where a portion of the business model will
be presented.

Youtube channel where I already have a few music videos and odd things, it’s more like my schizophrenic preparation for the main non profit, showing forms of my growth since I started doing music, and you can even see subconscious urges presenting the idea of the non-profit concept in musical form….. don’t be surprised if you don’t like much on there.


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