Resume Tips for Actuary

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Resume Tips for Actuary


The main goal of a resume is to concisely describe how your experiences and education are relevant to the position for which you are applying. Proper formatting is important to ensure that a recruiter can pick out your most relevant accomplishments in the initial few seconds of scanning.

Following these specific tips will help you tailor your resume to a career in the actuarial science industry:

  • Include your GPA

Actuarial science considers GPA an important factor when evaluating candidates you should always include your cumulating average.


  • Highlight professional Examinations

Aside from your GPA, having taken and passed SOA/CAS exams is the most important qualification for many actuarial employers. Every effort should be made to take these exams as early as your program of study allows. It is important to know that you can include pending exams on your resume. Usually, a resume only present skills and experiences that have been completed or are in progress; an exception is made for pending actuarial exams.


  • Highlight relevant Experience

Recruiters are keenly interested in what you have accomplished during your internship or co-curricular projects. Be sure to describe your accomplishments instead of simply listing your job duties. Use industry-specific keyword and quantify your accomplishments where relevant. If you do not have relevant experience, focus on the transferrable skills from your experiences and activities such as leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.


  • List Leadership positions and/ or activities

This is an important section of your resume. Recruiters want to see what you are doing more than just going to class and specifically are interested in leadership skills.


While the two most desired skills ranked by recruiters are teamwork and communication (both correspondence and verbal), the job description may alert you to other soft skills required. Describe your skills here in the same detail as you would in the relevant work experience section, noting your accomplishments.


  • List skills such as computer software knowledge that are relevant to the position

Be sure to explain how you have used the skills through an activity, a project, or if you completed course work focusing on a specific program. Simply stating that you are proficient in Excel could be misleading to the recruiter. If a job description specifically lists software experience needed, make sure this is included in your resume.


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