Last Day revision for PTE Test


Multiple-choice, choose single answer

Read the question and options first and then go through the content.  First read the question prompt.

Try to eliminate wrong options.

Inferred means the text is not telling it exactly, but wants to tell that.

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

Max -3 mins

Read the questions and then text. Identity the keywords/synonyms of each option and check in content if the option really says about that in the content.

Negative scoring. Do not select if you are not sure.

Re-order paragraphs. Try max 2 mins.

First get the single independent sentence. (Complete sentence and doesn’t require any previous sentence) . Tips: Eliminate sentences starting with This, However,

Follow practice of Subject Verb Object.

Object of sentence becomes subject of next sentence and go on.

Fill in the blanks

Focus on context, semantics and grammar

Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks

Focus on context, semantics and grammar


Summarize spoken text

Max time : 10 mins. Take notes on paper, Listen 90% , take notes -10%

50-70 words of summary. Multiple sentences. Use punctuations


The speaker was discussing Topic

Details of keyword1

Details of keyword2

Use words

He mentioned / described / emphasized / talked about /suggested / highlighted /   to help in your details of keywords.

Multiple choice, choose multiple answer

Before the audio starts, check the question prompt.

Fill in the blanks

You can write in paper

Highlight correct summary

Understand concepts

Multiple choice, choose single answer

Focus on removing negatives. See what author wants to say

Select missing word

 Try to check for adverbs, adjectives and meaning around the paragraph

Highlight incorrect words

Move your cursor along with audio and click on the incorrect words. It has negative marking, so click only what is incorrect.

Write from dictation

Try to answer as much as possible. Try to listen and remember meaning words and then write full sentence.

Add correct articles, prepositions, punctuations.


Summarize written text

Write main idea and supporting points.

Possible structures

Who did what, which did what.

Who did what and  did what.

We can also try like:

Statement   ,  and statement

Statement   ,  and statement ; however statement

Statement    , and statement

Statement    ;    however statement

Writing an essay

Make sure we complete the essay in 18 minutes and keep atleast last 2 minutes for proof reading.

Try to write for 205-230 words.

Try to answer both the sides, if the prompt asks, otherwise you can pick 2 favor points.

            Use this template

– A paragraph of Introduction – (40-60 words)

– A paragraph of Body (favour) – (70-75 words)

– A paragraph of Body (Other side) – (70-75 words)

– A paragraph of Conclusion – (30-40 words)


  Structure: General statement ,  Paraphrase prompt/Rewrite prompt.


 Here we write about the side you are favoring. Start with first para connectors.

  Connectors :To commence with,To begin with,To start with, Firstly, First of all

 Structure:1) Initiate the discussion and lead to first point. 2) First Favor point 3) Example 4 ) Second Favor point.


 Here we write about the side you are not favoring. Start with 2nd  para connectors.  Connectors : On the flip side, On the darker side, On the other hand, Despite, However,In contrast, Use same structure as first para


 Try to conclude that you think the side you are favoring has more significance than the other. Connectors : To conclude,To sum up, Overall, In conclusion,


Answer Short questions

  Practice. Pronounce properly.

Repeat Sentence

 Try to remember and speak as many words.

Read Aloud

 Read all text initially and check for complex words. Practice.

Retell Lecture

Pre listen – get an idea from picture/image

Take notes in notepad.


The speaker was discussing “Topic”

He talked about how keyword1.

He mentioned keyword 2

He discussed the way in which keyword 3

Furthermore, he talked about keyword 4.

In addition to that, the speaker also mentioned

Overall, the lecture discussed…

Use connectors: Firstly, Lastly, In addition, Furthermore,

Describe images –

Introduction : This line chart /bar chart/pie chart represents X axis from Y axis.

For Maps


The given images is a map of ——-(title)

The map represents a number of different regions which includes ,,,

It can be clearly seen that region 1 lies in southern side whereas region 2 lies in the northern side.

Furthermore,  region 3 is situated in the eastern side of the map.

Overall, the map provides all crucial related to given regions.

Venn Diagram

(Represents similarities and differences)

The given venn digram gives us information about ——-(title)

The image represents various differences and similarities between the —- and ——-

The major key differences among — and —-  include ….

Furthermore, the similarities represents in — and —-  involve…

Overall, the Venn diagram highlights the differences and  similarities related to … 

Random Pictures

The given images shows a city/building….

 – Some particular notes- We can see some

 – the background has and foreground has

 – Overall, we can see that