Improve your Vocabulary

Improve your writing score with various English test with a good vocabulary.   Try to use the below ones : Lionised : Treated as a  celebrity Propensity: Natural tendency Inadvertent: Not intentional Vitriolic: filled with bitter criticism Repudiated: Do not accept,  Deny Implication: result Vignette: a small illustration, portray Ostentatious: designed to impress. Amalgamates: combine, …

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Last Day revision for PTE Test

Reading________________________________________________________________ Multiple-choice, choose single answer Read the question and options first and then go through the content.  First read the question prompt. Try to eliminate wrong options. Inferred means the text is not telling it exactly, but wants to tell that. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers Max -3 mins Read the questions and then text. Identity …

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Writing PTE Essay

Essay needs to be of 200-300 words and we can target on around 220-250 words. We have to make sure that the main idea or the point of the topic is covered. Focus on one starting line and ending line to close your statement. Focus on word limitsMake sure you have written within the required …

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