Improve your Vocabulary

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Improve your writing score with various English test with a good vocabulary.



Try to use the below ones :

Lionised : Treated as a  celebrity

Propensity: Natural tendency

Inadvertent: Not intentional

Vitriolic: filled with bitter criticism

Repudiated: Do not accept,  Deny

Implication: result

Vignette: a small illustration, portray

Ostentatious: designed to impress.

Amalgamates: combine, mix

Fervor: expression, eg:  patriotic fervor, religious fervor

Doldrums: stagnation/depression

Gruesome: unpleasant

Captivate: attract

Asceticism: severe self-discipline

Deleterious: harmful

Wreak havoc: To cause damage

Desist: Stop doing.

Pernicious: harmful

Discerned: recognize

Rectitude: straight, thinking normally

Emaciated: thin or weak

Reminiscence: a story told by past event

Misnomer: wrong designation or title

Charlatans: Person falsely claiming to have special knowledge

Dissemination: Act of spreading

Edge your life/live life on the edge:  living with plenty of risks.




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