How to have an exciting career in education

How to have an exciting career in education



There are many people who have had years of working experience in the various sectors like customer service, business and retail, food catering but they are now opting for careers in education. Not only this sector gives a job that has high level of security but it also is the type of the job which is very flexible to the hours as well as it demands less of the workers and the employees. The professionals mentioned above are not Education majors as a degree in their college, but their experiences in their previous sectors of work helps the students that have no experiences to work commercially.


Necessity of undergraduate degree


The teacher certification can only be obtained to those individuals who have an undergraduate degree. Therefore without a bachelor’s degree, to become a teacher is not possible. To have careers in education, you must opt for the degree in any subject preferable and can apply to the different schools that offer this sort of degree in Education. You can also opt for the degree in any core subject as a major with Education as a minor.


First step to become teacher


The first important step to take in order to become a teacher is to check the respective laws of the state to know about the specific requirements that the state imposes to have careers in education. The rules and requirements can be found out by simply visiting the state education board’s website.


For example an aspiring teacher of Virginia should visit the state education department of Virginia website. Also in order to know about the recruitments of different schools you can go and through an appointment with the principal can find out what they are looking for or what are the specific requirements of the respective schools.


For teaching in middle and high schools


Of you want to have careers in the middle or high schools it is recommended that they pursue their degrees in those subjects that they will be content to teach to the students. Rather than general education majors these individuals prove to be more competent candidates in such careers in education. Professionals after attaining the degree can transfer their credit to the degree of teaching. Another accelerated or fast tracked programme for the more experienced person is the Masters in Education.


Teaching students and state boards


For the receiving of the certification of the careers in education both the graduate and the undergraduate students must sit for their respective state boards and obtain satisfactory marks. High school teachers will have also to undergo test on their chosen content areas and only if they attain a satisfactory result are they liable for their certification as a teacher.


The prospective teachers also need to fulfill another commitment to teach students for a period equal to the span of the semester. After completing this will they obtain a teaching license. Thus essentially passing the state exam is the last step towards becoming a teacher for the state. There are many individuals who pass easily through these requirements and have teaching as a second or sometimes even as educators this is their third career.