Front Desk Assistant resume example

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Front Desk Assistant resume example


When you apply for the job as front desk assistant, you need to look at the requirement that employers would usually have. In the normal case, they would want to find somebody who is able to communicate with clients well. They also want to have somebody who can have basic computer skills. In addition, they would prefer to have the good people who can arrange answers for clients or guests logically. Therefore, there are a lot of things that people would have to indicate in the Front Desk Assistant resume example.


Usually, people are required to submit the resume before they can have the meeting. Some people wonder whether it should consist of a photo. However, it is not advised for people to attach a photo to the resume because it may lead to the worries about racial discrimination in countries like theUS. Thus, it would be necessary for people to spend time to prepare the words in the resume rather than taking a nice photo for it.


As the Front Desk Assistant would need to sit and work for a long period of time, you would need to let your employers have the confident that you are self-disciplined. If you always leave your position, guests would find nobody in the front desk and they would need to go around by themselves. In this case, the impression of the whole company would be ruined as the company would be viewed as unprofessional. In the following Front Desk Assistant resume example, you would know the way that you should do to package yourself in the resume.


Front Desk Assistant resume example


Fred KS

SNDK Street,SNKD Road,

New York,

Cell: 230-304-XXXX

Email: [email protected]


Career Profile:


To find a position as front desk associate in which I could demonstrate my skills and handle the administrative tasks efficiently


Professional Strengths


–          Possess good time management skills, was not late for the position

–          Able to use creative thinking to resolve conflicts and problems

–          Self-disciplined and can handle tasks quickly

–          Experienced knowledge of using computer, telephone system and other IT equipment

–          Able to communicate with guests in a warm manner and maintain courtesy

–          Comprehensive knowledge about the work of front desk assistant


Education background


2007- 2009 Diploma of Business Administration,NNKSchool


Work Experience


Front Desk Assistant, ATD Health Consultant

2010 – 2011

–          Managed multiple lines of telephone system

–          Collected payment from clients by sending and delivering invoices

–          Performed maintenance of the office and helped with clearing some old stocks

–          Assisted the office manager to perform housekeeping in the office

–          Advertised the services to clients with questions

–          Arranged meetings for managers with clients


Front Desk Assistant, ASS Corporation

2009 – 2010

–          Prepared reports and assisted managers to do presentation for the reports

–          Updated calendar in the system to ensure that emails would not be missed

–          Sorted mails in the office and distributed them to the managers

–          Drafted correspondence

–          Answered multiple lines of phones

–          Scanned files and filed the documents to different folders


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