How to build your online career brand


If you are still wasting countless hours to post your resume or search for the jobs, if the answer is “ YES ” then you have to use web to build your  career brand, for that it is important to make a good resume and use online branding tools to build your online status. Job seeker presence can be  easily found by recruiters, managers,therefore you should be strong enough to make a positive impression on them. Here are some of the tools for job seekers to build online career brand—


1)      LinkedIn profile—

LinkedIn is a business oriented networking site in which experienced business professionals  around the world  represent their brands. You  have to create profile which act as resume or introduction to your career brand. After that try to make careconnection with other members also.


2)      Personal websites—

The other best way to promote  your career brand is to develop your personal website that show your achievements. You have to buy a domain with your name and publish your career resume, related articles that makes employers looking for jobs, directly approach you.


3)      Blog —

If you have habit to write, then create a blog that include news, job related links, discussions etc . Try to write related topics of your brand and also comment on other blogs so people will know the information you want them to know.


4)      Twitter account —

Twitter is a networking site that helps people to connect and communicate. Here, more and more people are tweeting information related to job links. So it is very easy to build your career brand and make connections.


5)      Google or other profiles—

Try to make Google profile which is eye catchy that makes it appears on the search page whenever search on Google profile. Also join  other social network sites such as face book , etc create a profile in relevant professional organizations if they allow you.


6)      Business week’s business exchange—

Try to post, share news in the business exchange this will help you to make new connections and updates.


7)      Use same photo—

Try to use same photo on all networking sites and blog that you use. This will help to increase your recognition by employers and help to build your brand.


8)      Use your name—

The goal of  professional brand is to increase your presence in search engine. So whenever employers search Google , yahoo or other search engines your rank is high. Always use your name as your URL to help to boost your rank.