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Ten Benefits Of Gaining More Work Experience

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Ten Benefits Of Gaining More Work Experience


If you are hesitating about applying for a job or about accepting a new job placement, keep in mind that there are several advantages associated with gaining more work experience. It is important to gain some work experience as early as possible to challenge yourself and acquire some valuable skills.


1. You Will Have More Chances Of Finding A Good Career


Recruiters will look at your resume in a more positive light if you have several work experiences listed on it. Job hunting will be easier and you will be more likely to get a higher-paying job.


A recent study conducted by Highfliers found that half of graduate recruiters think that graduates who do not have any work experience are not likely to receive an offer or to be successful in their search.


2. Figure Out What You Want To Do


Not knowing what kind of career you want is perfectly fine. Gaining more work experience will help you get a better idea of what you would like to do. You can try different paths, figure out what you don’t want to do and what kind of work you are passionate about. You can try many different things without fully committing to a career yet.


3. Discover An Industry You Are Passionate About


If you already have an idea of what you would like to do with your career, gaining some work experience in this industry will really make a difference. You can explore different jobs in this industry and start creating a network of industry professionals.


4. Show That You Care


Getting a job in the industry you are passionate about will be a lot easier if you already have experience in this field. This will show employers that you are truly passionate about your career choice and that you know what you are getting into.


5. Become More Mature


It is not uncommon for graduate students to lack the maturity needed to make plans for the future. Gaining some work experience will help you get a better idea of what life will be like post-graduation and motivate you to start making some plans for your future.


6. Acquire Some Valuable Skills


There are a lot of skills you cannot learn in school. Gaining some work experience will help you learn how to fit in at work, how to network and will allow you to get your first glimpse of office politics. This piece by Capita Specialist Recruitment discusses the importance. Getting started as early as possible will help you be more successful once you find your dream job.


7. Get An Idea Of What Your Strengths And Weaknesses Are


Gaining some work experience will put your strengths and weaknesses to the test. You will discover some strengths and talents you didn’t know you had and might find that you need to work on some of your weaknesses.


8. Find A Job Post-Graduation


If your employer is impressed with your performance, they might offer you a job once you graduate! You might also be able to use the network you created during your work experience to find a job after graduation.


9. Develop Your Network


You can’t build contacts and develop a professional network while you are in school. Gaining some work experience will allow you to meet new people who might know of a job you would be perfect for once you graduate or who can give recommendations when you start looking for your dream job.


10. Make Your Resume Stand Out


Most recruiters only spend a few seconds on each resume. Being able to list at least a couple of work experiences will make your resume look less empty!

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