Sample cover letter for administrative assistant

Enhance your chances for a top job as administrative assistant with the best cover letter


Are you are aspiring for a job of an administrative assistant? This is a wonderful job opportunity that promises job stability as well as promises rewarding compensation package. But, getting a good job as an administrative assistant with a good company is going to take a good test of your Candidature. A perfectly and professionally written cover letter will get you the attention of the hiring manager and once it happens, you will have the best chances for getting the job. If you are finding it tough to draft the letter of your own, refer to the templates for sample cover letter for administrative assistant as an instant solution to your needs.


Points to highlight in the cover letter


  • Uphold your superlative organization as well as customer service skills
  • Mention those points that will establish the point that you given attention to detail
  • Mention the office suites and applications you are conversant with
  • Emphasize on your interpersonal, communication, negotiation and soft skills
  • Present yourself as a professional who is flexible, assertive, reliable and trustworthy
  • Mention your abilities to work as a team
  • Mention your achievements in the professional career till date
  • Show how you can add value to the existing process and methodology of the company, if you are selected for the job.


A model of a  cover letter while applying for an administrative assistant job


Your Name


Phone Number

Email Address




Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms.


This letter is to express my interest in being a part of your company, in the capacity of an administrative assistant.


Presently, I am employed with XXXX (present employer name) in a similar capacity, since (date of joining). This exposure developed in me the competence and skills that are necessary to perform in similar profile and am confident that I possess those qualities and abilities that you would like to see in the incumbent, filling up the position open with you.


As for my key skills, I am an individual who enjoys working as a team and I have got a natural abilities to collaborate and communicate with people around me. With attention over detail, and conservancy with various Office applications, I am in a position to handle the job demand with the highest efficiency. My passion for performing my assignments with flawless perfection and my ability to comply with the timelines has earned respect and recognition with my present as well as the employers I have served in the past.


With superlative communication, interpersonal and soft skills, in am rightly poised to do justice to my roles in the aspect of administrative tasks as well as customer service functions. Most importantly, I am an individual with a solid integrity background and worthy of trust and reliance.


I am excited about the job with your organization, as I am with your Company and am eagerly looking forward for the opportunity for a meeting with you to discuss about the job and my suitability as a candidate.


Thanking You



The sample cover letter for administrative assistant will enable you to draft a quality letter, putting the minimum effort and time.