H-1 B work visa

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H-1 B Visa to foreign workers for taking up temporary jobs in the US

The professionals from other countries who have either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in any one of the specialized fields like IT, medicine, engineering or science or have not less than 12 years working experience or have educational qualification as well as work experience are eligible for the H-1 B work visa which enables them to stay in US and work there legally for a period of three years. The work visa can be renewed for another three years if required.


The H-1 B visa is the primary work permit issued by US to the workers from foreign countries to work in the US. An employer in US can sponsor a professional of a specialty occupation from a foreign country under the H-1 B visa program. These specialty occupations include different fields such as IT, medicine, education, engineering, architecture and various business specialties. Practical experience along with a Bachelor’s degree in the respective field is the minimum requirement for obtaining the H-1 B work visa.apply for H-1 B visa

Conditions pertaining to H-1 B visa

Initially the H-1 B work visa will be issued for staying and working in US for 3 years and it can be renewed for another three years. Once a professional from a foreign country has obtained the H-1 B visa, his spouse and unmarried children who are under the age of 21 years can also apply for the applicable visa with which they can go to US and stay there. However, the spouse of the H-1 B work visa holder is not eligible to work in the US during the stay. The workers from other countries are required to obtain the H-1 B visa prior to their entry into the US.


The workers should also provide the evidence to prove that the purpose of their temporary stay in the US is to take up a temporary job or a short term assignment which is related to their specialized field. The professionals who apply for the H-1 B visa must be already employed under a US employer or should have a job offer from an employer in the US.

Who are eligible for H-1 B visa?

The job for which the professional from a foreign country applies for H-1 B work visa must be one of the specialty occupations like engineering, IT, science, medicine, architecture, etc. The worker should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the same field or relevant work experience of at least 12 years. The worker should also meet certain requirements pertaining to his health and character. Professional nurses who want to stay in US and perform complex tasks or supervise nursing operations are eligible to apply for H-1 B visa. Those who are distinguished fashion models can also apply for H-1 B visa. Professionals from other countries who want to stay in US to provide exceptional services that are related to cooperative research and development projects of the US department of defense are also eligible to apply for H-1 B visa. The worker from a foreign country can stay in US and work legally under H-1 B visa for a maximum period of six years. Those who stay in US and work there under H-1 B visa are entitled to change their employer if a new employer files the petition for their H-1 B visa.



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