Interview Dos & Don’ts

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Interview Dos & Don'ts

We often know that during an interview we have to face many questions
but along with this we have to keep in mind that there are certain 
things which we have to do and not to do during an interview.Because 
sometimes the hiring manager may don't like our activies which may lead 
to job rejection or just because of our good activities he hire us.Here
is the list of some Dos & Don'ts during an interview.

1.Have Good Body Language
Your gesture always speak true of your's,so try to sit in a proper manner
and speak in a polite manner because your polite manner and sitting beha-
viour shows that you are a relaxed and down to earth person not the arrogant 

2.Be Unique
Try to something different from others as just because of this quality hiring 
manager may thought that you are the correct one for this job post.Always re-
member that the point of the interview is to stand out amongst those who are 
3.Ask Questions
Speaking ability is good in all the people now a days but how to speak less and 
acquire more is the only way to impress the hiring manager.Candidates are thrown 
dozens of questions ranging from the technical to the personal but you too try to
ask some questions related to company like turnovers,new policies,changes in the 
schedules during working sessions and all this.This shows that you are able to cross
question or you have ability to think more in less time.

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