Top 8 Myths of Search Engine Optimization

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Myth 1: Automated SEO tools are an effective and cheap solution

Do you really believe that there is anything which will let you relax and make lot of money without doing anything. It’s just   like any business where you have to put time and talent effectively. Search engine and many websites know that this is an   automated submission and not a regular one.

Myth 2:  Stuff the Meta Keyword and Alt Tags with keywords

Well search engine looks Meta tags only for reference, they actually do not use them for any ranking. Similarly putting some   description in alt tags is important , but stuffing keywords is highly discouraged. These alt tags are meant for slow speed   connections or in cases where images are not loaded , so showing your stffed keywords will not be beneficial at that time.

Myth 3:  Fill your website with loads of text in small fonts

Well this technique no longer works, search engine are now intelligent enough for these tricks. There are webmasters who   changes the fonts of H1, H2 tags in CSS , but believe me, search engines knows the font style and give preferences   accordingly.  Also be away from invisible texts and links.

Myth 4:  Cloaking is a good idea

A “cloaked” page is a page that shows one thing to the user and another to the search engines.  Again, because the search   engines want valuable content provided to the user, they may devalue or even drop your site altogether if they spot this   technique.

Myth 5:  Don’t hire SEO experts; just let your “web guy” do it

Would you let your accountant create your website? Then why are you letting your web guy to do SEO,  There are many complex strategies and processes involved in doing good SEO which needs lot of experience and knowledge  and I have seen many web guys leading websites to be banned by doing hit and trial methods.

Myth 6: PPC ads help/hurt SEO.

Many people believe that running Google AdWords can affect organic rankings of their site. Some believe it will bring their   site up, some believe it will bring their site down.  PPC ads have nothing to do with SEO and have no influence on organic   rankings.

Myth 7 :  You must update your website frequently.

Some of the highest ranking websites in Google haven’t been updated in years. Frequent updates will probably increase the   search engine crawl rate but won’t help your website rank better. If your site doesn’t need a change, don’t change it. Focus on   quality of pages.

Myth 8 : Your site will be banned if you buy links.

There is no efficient way to figure out whether the link is paid or not. Even if they somehow figure it out, they won’t ban   the entire site. It would be silly to ban entire websites because of few advertisements. Search Engine won’t count those   links.

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