Doctors interview questions

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Doctors interview questions


There would be different types of questions that doctors may encounter when they want to have a job interview. Here are some of the typical Doctors interview questions.


Question 1: Tell me the way to treat common cold.

This question can vary depending on the specific field of medical practice that people apply for. If you apply for some other fields, you may be asked with different questions. The ultimate aim of the question is to test your understanding about the professional field that you would like to work in.


Question 2: How would you balance the work and life?

Many doctors have stresses in their work and this question aims at looking into your daily life and see if you are prepared for dealing with the stress.


Question 3: How much time would you spend for an appointment?

You are expected to give a suitable range of time necessary for you to finish the appointment. It should not be too short or you may look too casual in the work. If your answer is a long length of time, it may mean that you are not efficient. Therefore, you should try to use the real experience to judge the time.


Question 4: How do you see the health information in the internet world?

You can have your own view. Some of the doctors think the information is not reliable and regulations should be applied.


Question 5: How much did you earn?

Answer: If you have worked in other hospitals or clinics before, this would be the typical question for you. You just need to tell the truth.


Question 6: Did you make any serious mistakes?

If you have made any of the serious errors and the case was reported, there is no way for you to hide the truth.


Question 7: How would you distinguish yourself with other doctors?

You can mention some of the strengths that you have. The personalities that you have can also be mentioned. For example, you may be an optimistic person so you can comfort any unhappy patients.


Question 8: How would you get help when you need?

Some of the doctors refuse to admit mistakes or to get help even though they find it difficult to determine some of the medical cases. This is a very disadvantage point because it shows that you are not willing to cooperate with others. In the medical field it is always important for doctors to cooperate and share the experience for the betterment of treatments.


Question 9: How would you describe the relationship between physicians and patients?

Neither patients nor doctors should be superior. They are mutually exchanging the information about a disease and doctors should help patients to understand the full picture about the disease and their situations.


Question 10: What do you think about the current medical training system?

Some of the fresh graduates would be asked about this question. They can view the system from their perspective and see if the system is successful in training them to work in the real medical field.

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