sample cover letter for journal submission

Sample cover letter for journal submission- the perfect format to opt for

Are you an aspiring author and you are planning to submit your journal with the editor or a publisher? In those instances, the cover letter will be playing a crucial role to impress the editor or the publisher. Remember, this document will act as the preface of the following documents and if it fails to impress the editor or the publisher, there are hardly any chances for the journal to get considered for publication. Thus, a convincing cover letter is extremely important to decide the fate of the journal. The sample cover letter for journal submission will help you to draft a convincing and compelling cover letter.

Model format for cover letter for Journal submission


Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs. (Last name),

Paragraph 1

Start with the introduction of the author and give an excerpt of the journal. It should include the purpose of writing the journal, its objective as well as the probable outcome.

Paragraph 2

This paragraph should cover the journal topic. The description should be given in maximum of 5 to 6 sentences that will come with a title and then explains the topic, list the specific data/material covered, the theoretical approach for the journal as well as the core argument for the journal.

Paragraph 3

This paragraph should include 3 to 4 sentences and describe the contribution that the journal is likely to make to the domain that the journal targets. You need to provide references to other scholarly works, published in the journal in recent times.

Paragraph 4

This part of the letter should include a few reviews on the journal and should thank the editor for taking time out to go through the document and considering it. You can include your contact details here.

Closing salutation and Signature


Tricks and tips for writing a compelling cover letter for journal submission

  • You should preferably draft the letter on your letterhead
  • The cover letter has to reflect the key points in the following documents, but, you should not get into unnecessary detailing.
  • Include the key points that make the journal unique and engaging.
  • Illustrate how this journal is likely to benefit the readers.
  • Give a strong value proposition about your profile that will make you credible as an author.
  • Give references of journals and articles that have been published previously in other publications.
  • The cover letter has to be professionally written and it should be presented in a style that it triggers interest in the mind of the editor/publisher.

You can refer to the templates for the sample cover letter for journal submission that will give you an idea about the structure and the content of the letter. In this regard, it will be wise to draft separate letters for each submission will make your cover letter more appealing to the editor/publisher. Likewise, ensure that you are not just copying and pasting the cover letter format as it would make the document cliché. Follow these tips to make the cover letter the most effective and impacting.