sample cover letter for project manager

Cover letter to apply for the job of a project manager- the best practices

The job as a project manager is extremely rewarding and companies keep looking for the right professionals for the candidates who can drive and deliver the projects successfully. This makes it highly competitive to bag a job as a project manager with a good company. If you are applying for similar jobs, use your application cover letter as a tool to impress the hiring manager. You may refer to the sample cover letter for project manager to get an idea about the structure and the key points that you should highlight.


Checklist for drafting a perfect cover letter to apply for a project manager job

  • Did you mention your educational qualification?
  • Did you include the project management certifications that you have undergone?
  • Does your letter speak about the total years of experience you hold in executing projects?
  • What is your experience in leading projects?
  • What types of projects you have previously handled?
  • What are your special achievements in delivering projects?
  • Did the cover letter speak of the rewards and recognition you have won?
  • Did you mention your communication, collaboration, coordination,interpersonal, and soft skills in the cover letter
  • Did you include the project-specific tools you have handled?

For assistance and guidance for drafting a cover letter to apply for project manager job, you may refer to the sample cover letter for project manager that you will be getting online.


Sample cover letter for project manager jobs

Your Name

Postal Address

Phone Number

Email Address

Dear Mr/Ms./Mrs. (Last name),

The letter holds reference to your advertisement for the position of Project Manager with your Company.

I believe my passion to become a committed and effective project manager is my strongest skill. In the contemporary industry that is highly dynamic and competitive, companies need competent project managers for meeting ever-changing business goals. I am confident I can extend superlative performance to your organization, and I am inviting you to consider my Candidature and accomplishments for the position of the Project Manager, lying open with your company.

Following is the excerpt of my professional vitae:

  • Start with your educational qualification
  • Certifications you hold
  • Project Management Training(s) you underwent
  • Experience: state the total years of experience you hold in working on projects, span of leading a project as well as the types of projects you have worked.
  • Outcome: list how the projects benefited the clients and the company
  • Performance: narrate how your leadership, enabled, your company to execute the project perfectly and in adherence to the timeline.
  • Special Achievements and Awards: list some of the special achievements you made and awards you won, if any
  • Knowledge of Project applications and tools: include the names of the key project-based tools and applications that you have worked with

A round of personal discussion, I feel, will enable me to establish my suitability for the position of project manager with you. Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanking You,