what is QA

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Do you know about Quality Assurance Testing?


What is QA? Do you know about it? QA means quality assurance of various products. This process is very important for industries and firms because they use the process of quality assurance to check the quality of their products. What is the objective of this process? The main objective of this process is to verifying whether the product meet customer expectations or not. This process includes designing, development and production of various products. There are four important quality assurance steps the first step include the plan. This step includes the establishment of processes to meet desired results. The second step includes the implementation of developed process. The third process includes the evaluation of implemented process by observing the results against objectives. This is also very important process. In the last stage the necessary actions taken for the improvement of products.


Software testing is a very important process of quality assurance and it includes evaluation of a system under controlled condition. The process of software verification is also important to eliminate the possible chance of error. This process includes reviews, plans, meetings and codes. After the process of verification validation occurs and it includes finding actual defects against specification. The software verification and validation are important steps of quality assurance. If you want to know what is QA then it is better for you to use the source of internet because it is a big source and it can provide you latest information.


Before the process of software testing it is necessary to prepare a plan that describe the objective and scope of software testing. The role of QA engineer is very important in the process of quality assurance and he can handle the situation in a better way. The quality assurance process is very important process for all industries.


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