Graphic Designers interview questions

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Graphic Designers interview questions


A lot of people would like to work as the graphic designers. Therefore, you would find that candidates have to pass through an interview in order to let the employers evaluate your suitability for the work. There are some questions that you can prepare beforehand.


Question 1: How do you get the ideas for your design?

You can share anything that can inspire you to get the designs. Designers usually love hearing the others about their idea generating process so you do not need to hesitate to reply your true answer.


Question 2: Can you tell me the patterns that you like most?

You can mention any type of patterns that you love. As long as you can explain well about your choice, you could speak for your favorite pattern.


Question 3: What software would you use for creating the designs?

There are a lot of sophisticated tools and programs that designers would use for graphic designs. Therefore, you need to tell the one that you know and that program should be something that you can master. If you fail to control the program, you would definitely be embarrassed because the interviewer may suddenly ask you follow up question regarding the use of those programs.


Question 4: How would you design a gift for your friend?

This is the question which aims at your immediate response and idea generation for some products.


Question 5: Why do you choose graphic design?

In the designing field there are many streams. Therefore, interviewers would like to know the reason why you would want to join graphic design so as to make sure that you would not have expectation mismatch between the work of graphic designer and the work that you love to do.


Question 6: How do you evaluate your work?

Designers have to listen to the comments from the others. Therefore, you may choose different methods to obtain feedback. You may choose to visit the shops and listen to the customers about the comments on the products.


Question 7: Do you think money-making and good designs are mutually exclusive?

It is hard to say yes because you can always generate good ideas which gain the support from the general public. In return, you would usually be able to earn money.


Question 8: Can you tell me the most interesting class that you have attended in college?

You need to think and recall your memory and tell something interesting and memorable. You have to provide sufficient information. For example, you may love the class because the instructors were inspiring. You could also say that you made a lot of friends in the class so you love it.


Question 9: What color tone do you love to include in your design?

Although it depends on the theme of the design, you may be used to use a certain color tone.


Question 10: Can you handle a project timely?

You need to cite some experiences that you have worked for some important or large scale projects and tell the way you managed to complete it without being late.


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