What are Microjob sites

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What are Microjob sites

Micro Jobs:

As the name suggests, micro jobs are small jobs that can be done smoothly and without effort in

just a few hours. As soon as you finish your task, you get paid and the contract gets terminated.

This is a great way to work for those people who are otherwise busy with their personal lives as

it involves no commitment to a particular employer. As a freelancer, micro jobs might literally

be the best way to work. The right candidates for these micro jobs are students and home

makers. It gives freedom to work at flexible times and unlike a regular day job, there is no

pressure. Micro job sites are the best way to earn some easy money in a quick way without any

major, initial investment. Those companies that have small jobs, outsource it to people from all

over the world through these sites. You can actually do your work online, right from the confines

of your home. Micro jobs definitely add to your regular income. But these days for many, micro

jobs are taken as a full-time business where a team of workers are hired by them and they get the

tasks from micro job sites.

Today there are several micro job sites that it could actually become daunting for a newbie to

select the suitable ones. Most of these sites have free registration and after the initial sign up, you

can start doing the tasks. As long as you have a high speed internet connection and basic

knowledge of computers you are equipped to start working on these micro jobs. Most of the jobs

that are present on the micro jobsites include commenting on blogs, creating logos and banners,

writing articles, liking a page on facebook or befriending someone on the same, posting reviews,

being a virtual assistant etc. Even if you feel that you have no particular skill, you can still find a

weird job for yourself on these sites. Going to a grocery or doing the laundry can also help you

earn good money. Being cordial and delivering the work on time will add a lot of brownie points

and will help you get more jobs. In most of these sites, the payment will be made to you via

paypal mostly in US dollars.

Features of popular micro job sites:

a) Fiverr: In this site, the micro jobs are known as gigs. You can easily get your work done

by posting a gig or work for someone else’s gig for $5. A small portion of the earning is

taken by fiverr as part of commission. This is the best micro job site for those who want

to promote their hobbies.

b) Amazon Mechanical Turk: This is also called as Mturk and each task posted here is

known as Human Intelligence Task (HIT). The amount of time required to do each task is

mentioned next to the HITS. The payment is made in US dollars or in Indian Rupees.

c) oDesk.com: Here you can find a lot of jobs that are technical in nature.

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