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Tools everyone is using in digital marketing industry

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In the digital era, marketer won’t keep himself away from the challenges of the tasks instead, he will utilize innovation to speed up his process. Today doing business means busy. There’s not enough time to do everything so how we can cope up with this situation. Therefore, planning and implementing certain tools not only will drive traffic to your website but also enhance your efforts towards digital marketing strategies. Here are various tools everyone in the digital marketing industry should be using to increase their productivity.



Everyone knows that infographics in their blog post or web page increases the click and engage their visitors. Canva, is an interesting online tool used by marketers to create different images, infographics, social media cover photos, eBook cover pages, and brochures. This is a tool which is very easy to use, even if you’re not a skilled designer you’ll still be able to produce a great picture in no time.  you can start with a free 30-day trial.



we always remain confused what type of content or what will be the blog topic we use? but with this blog topic generator tool, it’s not a problem. It will help you to compose good blog topics.



An effective email marketing campaign, which is mainly used as a digital marketing tool. The software yields affordable pricing, a highly intuitive interface, and great content.



Google analytics is the best way to analyze your website performance.  With this tool, you want to know from where your visitors will approach your website?  Which website pages are performing well and which pages of your website viewers viewing when they decide to click away to another site, you will know these answers by using Google Analytics.



If you are into digital marketing, twitter is another tool where you can easily gauge your buyer personas and sell your point to them. you just cannot avoid twitter. Twitter has an advantage where you can communicate with the users on one on one basis and engage your followers instead of spamming them with your one-way tweets of product and services.

Keeping in mind these tools provide success in the digital marketing industry and lead to happy business and happy customers.

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