Various Work Visas

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Various Work Visas Required To Work in U.S.A


One must have a proper work visa along with a valid passport to be legally employed in U.S.A. The type of work visa USA one is eligible to work in U.S.A depends on the type of work, relationship with the employer and in few cases the origin country.  There are various kinds of work visas available for foreigners who want to work in U.S.A. Here is a list of types of work visas in U.S.A given visa


Exchange Visitor Visas:  US exchange visas for non-immigrants, who are only been approved to take part in work and study based on study based exchange visitor programs. This work visa USA is for a number of categories of workers including professors, research scholars, government visitors, students, specialists etc. For this work visa USA one first need to apply and meet all the required criterions for the exchange programs. This USA work visa is called J-1 visa.


Temporary Work Visas (Non-agricultural): This USA work visa is for those foreign workers who seek employment in non-agricultural fields. This is a USA work visa is totally temporary. The workers can be employed in beach resorts, amusement parks. This USA work visa is called H-2B visa.


Temporary Work visas (Skilled workers): This USA work visa is for skilled and educated individuals working for specialized organizations. The holder of this USA work visa can stay in USA up to three years which can be extended at most six years. The only condition is the person must work for the same organization during he’s or her stay. This USA work visa is called H1-B visa.


Thus, while one chooses to stay and work in USA they must acquire a USA work visa so that they are able to work legally in the nation.




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