Why use twitter for job search

Why use twitter for job search?

Twitter is another social networking tool that has become extremely popular in which you can follow people and get their latest updates.it could be a great source for people who are looking for job if you know how to follow and filter.


The pre-eminent way for a Twitter user to find a job is by following fields and organizations they would like to work for they are usuallythe best source for insider information when those companies are hiring or preparing to hire.

Join the conversation by re-tweeting them offer the words of wisdom and let them get to know about you add them in your network.

Once you have identified some key people twitter make it easy for you to find more people relevant to this that might have something to offer you.


Twitter can be an excellent way for your job search introducing you to new people, organizations and ideas. Twitter also helps you to build your online reputation and bringing you to the attention of employers and recruiters.