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In Canada, the Public Service Commission (PSC) is the authority that ensures proper recruitments for public service departments strictly on the basis of merit and equal representation. The job seekers who want to search job site government of Canada are able to gather information about public service job opportunities from the portal of PSC. The PSC is a federal institution which is under the direct control of the Parliament.


The process of including PSC also in the government website is already in progress and until it is completed the job seekers can visit the Public Service Commission website . In Canada, the job seekers have a lot of resources for their search for job opportunities. Those who want to visit the job site government of Canada can make their search in the following websites where they can find many useful links for finding employment opportunities in Canada.

Government of Canada

Living Abroad in Canada

Transitions Abroad

Government Publications and Manuals

From the Government of Canada website the job seekers can gather a lot of links that are very useful for finding suitable jobs in Canada. Job seekers can find a lot of resources from the Living Abroad in Canada website. Those who want to be an expatriate in Canada can get a lot of information from the Transitions Abroad website and the Government Publications and Manuals website is very interesting and useful to those who are very new in Canada. Though many applications and emails may not be responded, one may get positive response sometimes, which might not have been anticipated. Hence the job seekers may make it a point to conduct searches on all these websites as part of their job site government of Canada searches.


Temporary Foreign Worker Program

During the job site government of Canada searches the job seekers are likely to come across with the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program. Many employers in Canada meet their temporary requirements of skilled workers through the TFW Program. Anyone can apply for the jobs under the TFW Program. Almost all types of occupations as well as skill types are covered by this program. When permanent residents of Canada and Canadian citizens are not available, those positions are filled through the TFW Program. The job seekers have to obtain the work permit to work under the TFW Program and the work permit is subject to conditions regarding place of work, employer, type of work and how long the worker can work in Canada. Job seekers can make use of the Come to Canada Tool to find out whether they qualify for the TFW Program.


Opportunities in Canada for foreign professionals and skilled workers

In order to further boost up the already growing economy of Canada, the Canadian government offers job opportunities to skilled workers from other countries. During the job site government of Canada searches, the job seekers will come across with the details of Canada Skilled Worker Immigration. The government of Canada welcomes skilled workers and professionals who are ready to settle permanently in Canada and help to make the workforce more productive. The applicants who are selected for the Skilled Worker Immigration program will be provided with permanent resident visa thereby enabling them to immigrate to Canada with family.





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