Treatment of autism

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The main goals of treating child with autism is to decrease  associated defects and family distress. Main focus is to increase the quality of life and functional independence. Autism patients have additional medical conditions such as  sleep disturbances, seizures etc, therefore variety of therapies are included to treat autism___

1) Medications

2) Behavior analysis

3) occupational therapy

4) Physical therapy

5) speech- language therapy

The best treatment involves the combination of techniques.


There is no medication that control the main symptoms of ASD, but there are medications that help patients with related symptoms like aggression  anxiety, attention problem,impulsiveness, irritability, mood swings, sleep difficulty, tantrums etc. Some autistic patients also respond to gluten- free or casein- free diet.

Applied behavior analysis(ABA)—

It is used as one of the approach. The main goal is to get the child close to the normal developmental functioning. Many type of treatments like applied behavioral analysis(ABA) . Treatment and education of autistic and related communication handicapped children (TEACCH) and sensory integration.

In TEACCH picture schedule are used and other visual cues that help the child work independently and through this there is improvement in child’s adaptation and skills. ABA programs usually done under behavioral psychologist  supervision.

Specialized Therapy—

Some other therapies like speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy also plays an important role.

Speech therapist helps to improve language and some social skills so that autistic child can communicate effectively.

occupational therapist and physical therapist also helps to improve coordination and motor skills. Occupational therapy can also help patients to learn to process information from senses( sight, sound, hearing, touch and smell) in more manageable ways.

Stem cell therapy for autism—

It is an effective approach for the treatment of autism and mainly based on ability of  stem cells to influence metabolism, immune system and restore damaged cells and tissues.Stem cells treatment improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain, replace damaged neurons and stimulates formation of new arteries. Stem cells leads to white and gray matter restoration and thus improves intellectual capacity. Mesenchymal stem cells improve immune system. CD34 stimulation helps formation of new arteries in hypoxic tissues  and thus increase blood flow in temporal and other parts of brain

After stem therapy following improvements seen in children–

1) Better tolerance of food and thus improves digestion.

2) Children able to fix their gaze.

3) Less fear of loud movies, bright colors etc

4) Improvement in writing skills

5) Improve attention span and concentration.


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