Symptoms of Autism

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symptoms of autism                                                                          No two people with autism will have exactly same symptoms, but all people with  autism have some common  symptoms. There is significant problem in  developing non verbal communication skills such as facial expressions, body posture, eye to eye  gazing etc. Child feel fail to establish friendship with children of same age. There is lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, interests or achievements with other people. There is also lack of empathy. Autistic patients finds difficulty in understanding other person’s feeling like pain etc.

There is lack of awareness of feeling and emotions such as laughing , crying etc. These patients remain aloof and find difficulty in interacting with other people. There is repetitive body movements ( hand flapping) , abnormal posture ( toe walking) . Behavioral symptoms like extreme under activity or over activity is common. Self- injurious behavior is present. They have no apparent fear of  dangerous situation. Sometime there is lack or delay in talk. About 40% people never  speak. There is also problem to start conversation and find difficulty in continuing a conversation. There is repetitive use of language  and repeat words again and again, they heard previously called as ECHOLALIA. Autistic patients mainly  focus on pieces of toys such as wheels of car rather than playing with entire toy. They have need for sameness and routines , means these child always insist on driving same route everyday to school.

Symptoms during childhood—

Symptoms of autism mainly noticed by their parents or caregivers during the first 3 years. Autism is present at birth i.e it is congenital, but the signs of disorder or diagnosis during infancy is very difficult. During childhood, toddler does not interested in playing games or find difficulty  to talk. Sometime  they begin to talk  same as that of normal child but later on lost their language  skills. There is also hearing problem. Sometime it seems that the child is deaf but other time it appears that they hear distant sounds.

Symptoms during teen years—

During teen years, the behavior of child changes. Many teens gain their skills but still lack  their ability  to understand others. During teen years, they are of higher  risk of developing problems like depression, anxiety and epilepsy .

Symptoms in adults—

With autism , an adult can live their independent life,depends on their intelligence and  ability  to communicate . Some adults need assistance  as  some of them  are not able to speak, hear etc.



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