Top 10 SEO Best practices

Top 10 SEO Best practices

The SEO process can be applied to increase the targeted traffic on the website and owner’s business status. There are large number of SEO companies in India that give best services to increase your online business and your economy status. Some of the seo best practices along with their explanations are listed below:

  • No doubt, the keywords that you have searched are relevant but they should also be popular with searchers. Despite the popularity of the individual words its best to target two or three phrases. As most of the search engines indexed a number of web pages, competing for a spot on the first or second page of search results will typically be a losing battle.
  • The next thing you should keep in your mind is that your targeted keywords must match with your page title. Moreover, the text in your page title is given more importance by most of the search engine as compared to other text on your web page. Thus, by leading with your keywords that you have chosen efficiently, you can make your page to look more relevant to those keywords in a search.
  • The next thing is that the body content should be of sufficient length and keyword rich. You should include keywords high up in the page, where they will be weighted more and moreover noticed heavily by the search engine.
  • The anchor text that you provide in your web page for pointing to other pages should also contain good keywords. Use good keywords in the anchor text to help the engine better ascertain the theme of the page you are linking to. Your link text must tightly focus on just one keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Employing links from your web page to your secondary pages is also very important. Text link is the better option over ALT attributes for conveying the search engine the context of the page you are looking. If you use graphical navigation buttons then replace it with Keyword rich text links.
  • Making use of CSS replacement technique is also very beneficial. Image replacement is the technique that is used to include CSS in your web page. The text-based replacement is weighted more heavily by the engines than the IMG ALT attribute, so main focus should be done on ALT attribute.
  • The URLs of your web page must be short, simple as well as static-looking. You can also install a server module with the help of which you are able to rewrite the URLs or you can also recode your site.
  • Your web site must contain an optimized internal linking structure. Internal linking structure tells the search engine how important you consider each page of your site. Linking structure of your web site also helps in deciding the page rank of your web site.
  • Your filenames as well as directory names must include the targeted keywords. But avoid using more than a few keywords into a directory or file name as it looks spammy to various search engines.
  • Your web site must contain HTML sitemap or XML sitemap along with the text links. An XML sitemap file provides a list to the search engines of all the URL’s corresponding to the pages and documents that are residing on your web site. HTML sitemaps have been found to be a good spider food as it provides the search engine spiders with a links to key pages to explore and index.

All of the above seo best practices are helpful in optimizing your web site.

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