Right Web Host for your Blog

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How to Choose the Right Web Host for your Blog

Whether it’s personal or business, choosing the right web host is imperative to the success of your blog. There are many companies that provide free blogs that you can easily setup, however if you want to have full ownership of your blog, and your own domain, you will need to host the blog yourself. With so many options and plans from hundreds of companies, there is a lot to take into consideration. Your web host is your online landlord and just like shopping for a home for your family, shopping for a home for your blog takes time and research. When choosing your web host, these are the most common factors to look at:

Type of Blog:

When deciding to find a host for your blog, you must first decide on the type of blog you are planning. Blogs that contain more written content than images will require less web space than blogs that are image rich. This factor is not as much of a worry these days as it was in the past as most hosting companies provide unlimited space even in their cheapest basic plan.

Choosing what method of blog creation you will be using is also a major factor in your decision. The most common blog software in use today is WordPress. This free software allows you to create your blog in the style you want. Many hosting companies offer easy installation of WordPress, even on their most basic plan.


With any blog, especially those that use WordPress, databases are needed to keep your blog organized. When choosing a hosting service, be sure they allow for the creation of databases. MySql is the most popular open source database today. Most web hosting companies not only support MySql but also provide easy database creation.


If you want the appearance of a professional blog, especially if you plan to monetize later, having an email address through your domain is a great way to appear professional. Most hosting companies will offer free e-mail accounts under your domain. When you get to the point where you want to allow advertising on your blog, the email address will make you seem together and professional.

Reliability and Support:

Nothing is worse than getting hundreds of followers on your blog and suddenly it is unreachable. It can ruin the confidence you spent so much time building for your fans. Reliability is the most important factor. Web hosting companies will offer 99.9% up time on their servers. That is the standard; there is no 100% guarantee in technology. In retrospect if you experience problems, you want a company that offers 24/7 customer support. Be sure they are reachable by phone to assure the fastest resolution possible.

After choosing a host, if you are in the process of building your blog and are consistently having problems accessing your control panel or blog, notify your web hosting company. There may be a chance you are on a new server, or less monitored server that needs tweaking. If the problems persist you may want to check with another host before launching a blog that won’t be reachable.

Whether your blogging about your life, your children, your job, or the things that get under your skin, you want to choose the right hosting company to voice your opinions. Research your options, price, and features in order to find the right company for you. Don’t be afraid to call the company beforehand and speak to a sales rep about your project, most companies have features that may be useful that aren’t advertised on their website. Once you feel confident that you made the right decision, enjoy your blog, post often, and create a wonderful outlet for your thoughts.

Jonathan Sanders creates websites and blogs about many Internet subjects. He recommends checking out these small business web hosting reviews, as well as some great tips for choosing the best web hosting for business.

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