tips for telephone interview

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The most important tips for telephone interview


When you are getting ready for the telephone interview, there are tips for telephone interview that will help you. It is still an interview and therefore should be well prepared for. You should try to go and research about the company in question and the roles you applied for. These are part of the questions you should expect to get from the interview session. The interviewer on the phone is always looking for the amount of confidence and intelligence that is expressed in the questions you answer and the way you answer them. Try not to ignore anything as you might see yourself on the phone answering questions bordering on your knowledge of the firm, your previous job and role and your achievements.


One of the most important tips for telephone interview is that you should take the interview when it is convenient for you. Try to reschedule the interview if you are not in the best environment to talk at the time you are called, this will be better for you and make sure you are not interrupted during the interview. Charge your phone when you are expecting the interview. Make your CV and some jotter available for use during the interview. You can also make use of the headset. It will make you concentrate on the interview and your hands will be free for writing.


Think about the answers you will give to questions and prepare your own questions. Then make sure you smile to ease of the pressure and answer the call with the best phone etiquette and courtesy in speech. You should always expect questions about the company, why you are looking for the job. What you will do for the firm, what your skills are, why you are leaving your old job and eventually the salary level you will like to accept. They will always come and the way you answer them matters. There are no automatic tips for telephone interview, using your initiative matters.


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