When to start job search

When to start job search

Job search is a daunting task it’s hard to get motivated to begin your job search. When it comes to starting your job search there’s no time like the present, But before begin your search first clarify what you really love to do. Don’t go after people first make a strategic plan and of course find ways to stay get motivated throughout your job search process. Follow these three steps, and you’ll find that the job search is not daunting as it seems.

  • Goal Clear

To clarify your goals and get energized for job search start by assessing what you are looking for and why do you want to do that type of work. For instance, may be you’re frustrated with your current sales career because you don’t enjoy the constant interaction with potential customers. As you look for a new role, it’s important that you don’t go from the frying pan to the fire by taking another customer-facing position. Instead figure out what you do enjoy and what will accommodate with your interest, credentials and personality.


  • Networking

As you dive into your search, you’ll be spending a lot of time tailoring your resume and writing cover letters. But keep in mind human being hire human beings. So instead of solely submitting resume, create and take advantage of opportunities to meet as many people as possible, both in your field and out.


  • Optimize your Best Hours

The key is to hone in on your search when you’re at your best and won’t be interrupted and make the most of that time. Take advantage of the times when you’re most alert to network and make follow-up calls. When you have high energy, you’ll feel more confident and have a positive attitude and that will come across in all your interactions.