When your job search stalls

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When your job search stalls?

Did you begin your job hunt full of enthusiasm and optimism? But your strength is waning by every passing weak that no offer or second interview materializes? Don’t fret! Instead you need to adopt a positive new strategy and a state of mind.

Don’t give up on your dream because it’s not going in the direction you want. There are different routes to the same destination.

Be realistic

When finding work is not as easy as it seemed after your initial enthusiastic start, don’t assume the worst get the facts. Base your actions on facts and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Ask yourself if you are being too narrow in your search or if there is a piece of the puzzle you are omitting in the search process.

Maintain your support system (and don’t be afraid to ask for help)

Stress can make you withdraw from friends, associates and family. Most people really do want to help however you need to let them know HOW they can help you. Talk to a friend or mentor, join a support group, or engage the support of a career coach for professional guidance.

Set a clear plan and stick to it

Make sure that you keep your CV updated with your relevant accomplishments, identify your transferrable skills and identify your personal and career values. Develop a marketing plan with realistic timeframes and realistic goals and objectives. If it doesn’t work, make adjustments, and discuss them with a trusted associate who understands your job market and someone who understands the industry you are targeting.

Positive action leads to positive outcome

Be brave enough to acknowledge that your job search campaign has stalled and then be creative to get it moving again. Remember that you do not have to do this alone. Enlist the support of your friends and family, close ex-colleagues and all of those you respect. In order to experience positive action you have to take positive action.

Set agenda

Once you’ve figured out who your audience is, work on the goals and purpose of each interview from your perspective. While your goal is to get to the next round of interviews and land a job offer, think about the building blocks to getting there. For each interview, determine what the interviewer is looking for and what you want to convey about your own skill set, experience and personality. Each interviewer plays a different role in the hiring process and looks for specific things. Think about your overall story and emphasize your selling points to each interviewer.

Consider alternatives

Consider what else you could if you don’t get a job. Should you consider internship programs with a little luck and determination? a temporary assignment may turn into something more long-term.


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