Simple Websites

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Simple clean websites:

Do you really need a big website?
After a long research and looking at customer’s input ,we realize that even small websites are as good as big websites, if done properly. You should know about your needs and at the same time look into your budget and is it really worth spending a lot initially without knowing much of internet world. Sometimes you spend thousands of dollars and then realize that your website is not making much or you. In this case, start with a small ,clean and professional website and get the customer reviews and I believe that you should be all set with this even. People generally like simple and clean website.

Simple plan websites :

We are pleased to offer our new simple plan for websites. These website are 3-5 pages and covers your business information, services and contact information. In short its simple and affordable to get a good start. Our simple plan websites are really affordable and professional. Contact us to get a free quote.We can give you a price beat guarantee.
Some more benefits of simplistic websites :
– A website ready in few days
– easy to change and maintain.
– very affordable.
– More focus on usability.
– User can easily find what they need.

simple design
simple design

Simple home page:
The most important part in creating simplistic websites is to have a simple home page. By simple home page I mean to say that keep your website clean, a well ordered layout and user can find what they are looking for very easily. Use light background and don’t use lot of  animation or flashing stuff. So that people won’t find it annoying when they are surfing from office. Avoid black , red and golden  backgrounds.  Keep a 2 column or 3 column simple layout.

Google loves simple clean website and ranks them high in search engines.Simple home pages can drive a lot of customers to your business.

If you don’t have a website for your business, then its the right time to start 🙂

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