Automate your job search

Automate your job search

Jobisite always keep on adding new features that help job seekers in their job search.
We always aim to create features that will save time and efforts.


Now Jobisite has launched a new feature : “Automate Applications

So any of below statement fits into your situation, then you need to see this feature.
– Do you spend hours in finding jobs?
– Do you spend hours in applying to these jobs?
– Do you spend hours in finding jobs in various social sites?
– Do you spend hours in finding jobs in various emails/groups/networks?

Automate Applications:

Just automate your job search and applications.
Currently this feature supports automating job search and applications for jobs posted in Jobisite, tweets and various networks.

So Jobseekers can create a automated process, like if there is any new job posted and has certain criterion ,
then they can define some actions, like automatically apply or send some email for interest.


They can define a process to look into tweets also. They can define processes to look into emails/groups or networks

Job seekers can define a period to run this automated campaign.
So this way, once they have created a campaign, they don’t need to log in or check jobs daily and let our system do the job for them.

Jobisite now making it simpler for Job seekers and it aims to save time 🙂