sample cover letter for customer service

The perfect cover letter while applying for a job for customer services

These days, companies, across the world, give equal importance to the aspect of customer services, as they emphasize on delivering superlative products and services. Hence, you will be getting significant career  prospects, pursuing career as a customer service professional. However, considering the cut-throat competition that the professional domain feature these days, bagging a good job is not a simple task. A robust cover letter for your job application can enhance your chances of getting a good job. The sample cover letter for customer service jobs will assist you to draft the best document in this regard.


How to impress the hiring manager with the job application cover letter?

Remember, it is the capacity of the customer service professionals to empathize with the customers that makes them the most aspired candidates. Following are the key points that you should include in the cover letter:

  • You should express your passion for empathizing and assisting customers. Present things in a way that it would suggest that you love doing it naturally and not just to comply with the demand of the job.
  • Uphold your skills and competence that will enable the company to bring improvements in its customer support services.
  • Explain how you can make major contributions to the advancement of the company, by bringing improvement in the customer support services.
  • Present yourself as a personality who enjoys helping others without expectations
  • State your achievements and the awards you won for your performance.
  • Narrate a few instances wherein you added value to the existing operations of your present and past employers.

You may avail the templates for the sample cover letter for customer service jobs and personalize the same with the necessary alterations.


An idea of the cover letter while applying for customer service jobs

Your Name

Postal Address

Phone Number

Email address


Dear Mr/Ms./Mrs (Hiring Manager’s Name)

I am writing this letter to place my Candidature for the position of Customer service professionals, you advertised on XXXX (ad source).

I am presently serving XXX (present employers’ name) as a Customer service officer, since (joining date with the company). In between this span, I had the opportunity to interact and communicate with  innumerable customers of our company, extending them gallant solutions to their needs. Being Humble, I have the pleasure to state that there have been several instances wherein my efforts not only addresses the needs of the customers, but, most importantly, strengthened the engagement of the customers with the brand. I am confident that in the days to come, I will be producing more such instances that will produce the same outcome for the employers I will serve.

To me, empathy is the key for success for professionals like me and to me, it is not something that I do just for the sake of the job, but, you may say that it comes spontaneously to me. Like many others, it really gives me a nice feeling when my efforts bring solutions to people’s problem and I see them smiling.

I am confident that my skills, expertise, and capacity to empathize with the customer’s problem will enable me to bring further improvements on the standard of customer services for which your organization holds a reputation.

Looking forward to the meeting with you and discuss the job opportunities and my suitability for the same profile.

Thanking You