Salesman cover letter example

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                                                                Salesman cover letter example



Working in sales requires a specific range of skills. Therefore, your job is to highlight those skills in every way possible in your cover letter in order to attract your reader’s attention and present a winning case. Similar to any sales process that you have encountered, your task in writing a cover letter is to sell your skills to the recruiter to create buy-in.


Therefore, typical skills employers are seeking in salespeople include negotiation skills, persuasive skills, excellent presentation skills, outstanding communication skills, persistence, patience, being able to work under pressure, can handle rejection, and being courteous at all times.


In terms of academic qualifications, you don’t necessarily need to have a degree in marketing or sales. As a matter of fact, many employers seek engineers and pharmacists. Interestingly enough, being a salesperson doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. Having said that, mentioning your academic background in your cover letter is a plus.


Being able to convince the employer that you are an excellent salesperson is actually not a difficult task. Thankfully, numbers and sales figures speak for themselves. So if you have a track record of outstanding sales achievements, then this is your chance to highlight those successes. Closing x number of deals or generating hundreds of thousands of dollars annually will definitely give you an edge. Therefore, detailing prior work experience is a must.


As with most cover letters, it is crucial to convey your passion for sales, because it is a career that requires patience, and if you don’t have a passion for the field, you will not survive in sales. Consequently, expressing your passion and determination to grow in sales will reassure employers that you will work hard and be self-motivated to achieve excellent sales records. Finally, an important element you need to highlight is that you enjoy working as part of a team, because most salespeople work in teams to generate team revenues.



Sample of a cover letter:



Dear Sir/Madam,


It was with great excitement that I learned about the Sales Representative position at your esteemed company. I was privileged enough to work in sales for more than 10 years, and I don’t see myself in any other career. Working in sales gives me the motivation to succeed and grow in the organization, and seeing my employers grow as a result of my efforts further motivates me to leap higher.


During my previous role at one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, I managed to close more than 50 deals a day, generating 20% of the company’s annual revenues. Naturally, I was promoted to senior sales representative. This role enabled me to build my negotiation skills, persuasive skills, and interpersonal skills. More importantly, I was able to communicate effectively with customers from around the world and from different age levels. This role enhanced my confidence and pushed me to voluntarily train other sales representatives in the company in order to contribute to its growth and prosperity.


I feel that I would thrive in a fast-paced company such as yours, and be able to both learn a great and contribute a great deal. Please find attached my resume, which details my employment history and key achievements in my 10-year career. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my application.


Yours Faithfully,


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