Resume skills list

What must be in your resume skills list?


The resume skills list is one of the greatest job landing tools you should never joke with. Why I believe that this, coupled with the cover letter is even more important than the interview is that they are the avenues that will give the firm some very good impression about you before you are invited for the interview. If you make a mess of the resume and cover letter, you will not even be shortlisted for the interview.


The main thing that a firm looks for in your resume is not your personal data because you can be anybody and it does not matter to them. The things that are searched for in your resume are your qualifications and skills. And this is contained in the resume skills list. These skills should be listed according to how relevant they are to the job you are applying for. Don’t ever write things that are not related to what you are applying for. It will be off point. The resume skills list should be written in good format and should incorporate things like time, business and people management. They should also include interpersonal, business, and verbal communication skills. Strategic and creative thinking skills are also necessary.


Resume skills list should contain organizational, effective, listening and decision-making skills. Problem solving, negotiating, coaching and teamwork skills will also be very relevant to your applications. The resume skills list will also include risk taking, quick thinking, analytical and effective study skills. Sales ability, resourcefulness, reliability, multitasking and even customer service skills should all be listed.


Skills of determination in all situations, ethics, diplomacy and even the common patience are all very good skills that can impress and land you the job. Always list them only when you possess them. But remember. Only list these when they are relevant to the job you seek.