.NET Web Programming

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.NET Web Programming- a Key to Success


.NET Web Programming is one of the most used methods by programmers from different parts of the world for the creation of good quality dynamic web sites, web apps and web services. ASP.NET is the web app framework used by most of the programmers in order to create a website having the above mentioned qualities. The very first version of the web app framework got released in the year 2002 along the version 1.0 of .NET Framework, and it became the successor of the ASP technology that was introduced by Microsoft.


Microsoft released IIS services 4.0 in the year 1997 and since then they started to do research for possibilities for development of a new web app model that has the capabilities to solve the common problems with ASP. The initial prototype made in this regard was the XSP and it had been made with the aid of Java, but soon changes were made and new platform was built on CLR as it had the ability of object oriented programming, garbage collection as well as some other features that COM platform did not support. After certain changes in the prototype model ASP+ was made and the name of the final product was ASP.NET and .NET Web Programming received a big boost with the making of this platform.


People that do .NET Web Programming should be thankful to ASP.NET as it aims at performance benefits over the other script-based technologies as it compiles the server side code to one or even more DLL files that are present on the web server. The compilation process takes place on its own when the very first time a page is requested and the developer does not have to compile pages separately, but the compilation process does result in a short delay to the browser when the first time a newly edited page is requested from server.




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