Resume Sample for Mathematician

Resume Sample for Mathematician

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Career Profile


  • Highly gifted and resourceful mathematician with huge background and active engagement in research on topics in applied mathematics, include applied dynamical system theory, scientific computation, and geophysics fluid dynamics.
  • A PhD holder in applied mathematics with profound expertise in mathematics.
  • Proven record of exceptional scholarly accomplishment with several published material.
  • Demonstrated evidence of success in obtaining and leading funded research projects, as well as participation in interdisciplinary work.


Core competencies


  • Remarkable ability to use theories and techniques, such as mathematical modeling and computational methods, to formulate and solve practical problem in business, government, and engineering and in the physical, life and social science.
  • Superb reasoning ability and persistence to identify, analyze, and apply basic principles to technical problems.
  • Sound teaching and facilitating skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Professional Experience


Xyz University 2000 to be present

Associate professor

  • Develop mathematical and computational techniques for studying phase space transport and lagrangian transport and mixing issues in geophysical flows.
  • Conducted research and inquiry and teach undergraduate, master and doctoral courses.
  • Develop new principles and recognize previously unknown relationships between existing principles of mathematics.
  • Apply mathematics or mathematical methods to solutions of problem in research, development and logistics.




PhD in mathematics 2000

M.S. Statics, New York University 1997

B.S. in mathematics, New York University 1995

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