Resume Format

Different Types of Resume Format in Use

A resume reflects your professional career and hence is one of the most important documents. Through this document you highlight your academic qualifications, your professional experience and your achievements during your professional career.


To put in simple words a resume is your representative during the recruitment process of corporate world.

When you are about to write your resume you must first decide the resume format that will be followed by you. Depending upon the position you are applying and the profession you can use any one of the resume format. Here are the different types of format of a resume.Example of resume


Chronological Resume

In a chronological resume the details of your jobs and your academics are presented as per certain time frame. This type of resume is best fit for those professional who have worked for quite some time now and has enough experience. With this resume format they can present their experience and academics achievement as per particular time frame. It can be considered as a timeline of an individual where they mention their progress from one job to another.

Functional Resume

A functional resume is good for such professional who has enough experience about any particular responsibility. When you want to highlight your achievements during your professional career the best option is through a functional resume. You may have worked in different companies in the same position but the responsibilities in each have enriched your overall experience and to showcase this functional resume is best option.

 Combination Resumes

It is also known as hybrid resume as this is arranged in chronological order and also highlights the important functions performed by you during your professional career.

You can use any of these formats for writing your resume but one thing is most important. It’s that you should always remember that the facts mentioned in the resume must be precise and should let the recruiter understand your skills.