Job Interview Advice

 Job Interview Advice

With regard to the increasing competition among uncountable numbers of job seekers nowadays, getting job requires each applicant to go extra mile in preparation and take to some specific job interview advice. You need to be reminded that anytime you are invited for an interview, you are essentially selling yourself. Are you ready to sell inferior quality with unattractive packaging?

Be detailed in all your answer

Try as much as possible not to respond vaguely in case your employer request to know your previous responsibilities in your formal place of work. If you are an artist for instance, it is inadequate to merely say you designed book covers. Always ensure that you are more explicit including collaborating with authors to make their ideas a reality, designing of progressive-style book covers and some more.

Avoid the mistake of repeating what you have already mentioned in job application

In case you are asked to tell them about yourself, ensure that you go beyond the apparent facts like your name, your address, your previous employment, date of birth, and some others. If you merely mention these and then stop there, you have not said anything as far as the interviewers are concerned. Reason being that they are not new to them since they are already stated in your resume. In actual fact, the interviewers are more interested in knowing your areas in interests and the ways you can be effective in your position if you are eventually hired.

Show competence and do not be late to the interview

Coming late to job interview in the height of incompetence and immaturity on the part of the applicants gives the interviewer the bad impression about you. Apart from the fact that you can lose the allocated time, it also gives the impression that you are not taking the job too serious. On the others hand, advised not to come to interview too early as it may show that you are too desperate about the job.

Ensure the you did not malevolent your former employer

In case you are asked the purpose of leaving your previous job, ensure that you did not make any bad comment about your previous working place despite that they do something bad to you. But ensure that you are always on their positive side by just saying that ‘you are looking for higher place of interest in your profession or career where you can have better challenge that can advance you in every bit of your life. Be reminded that if you say negative word concerning your previous company, the interviewer will believe that you can do the same to their company and this could make you lose the job.

Make sure you are corporate in your mode of dressing

It is very important to dress safe by wearing business outfit to the interview in order to show your professionalism. This gives the interview the impression that you put job in an important place. Ensure that you are more presentable and moderate. Avoid using strong perfume which could irritate your interviewer.