resume for the first job-no experience

How to write your resume for the first job ( with no experience)


The word resume does not mean “who are you?” or “ why you want this job?” . Resume is that where you answer the question of employer “ why he will hire you for this job?” . Many of us are worried how to write a resume for the first job without experience. Its not a simple task. Make your resume on simple white sheet and should not be more than a page . It should be in such a way that within four  five lines , it makes clear to the interviewer why you will be hired for this job?


1)      Correct  Information

 Always try to list your name, address, contact number or email address correctly. Never use your nick name (  for example super stud Rajiv) in your email address, it puts bad impression on the interviewer. Always use simple or professional email address. If you don’t have, make it.


2) Experience

When you start thinking about your experiences from background, you have lots of          experiences to refer. Never try to mix your hobbies with your experiences. For example if   you have applied for job in education department ( professor or lecturer) for that you are good in  knowledge, language  or communication skills . If you have some experience in debate competition, it will be helpful for you .


3) Make it your own

      Always try to make your own resume, never copy it from internet, just pick your style and make it by yourself. Always make it clear, eye- catching and easy to read. While you are finishing your resume always refer   “what kind of work you are going to do , if you are hired for this job?”


4) Refer your talent

         If you have no experience, list your volunteer experience and some community activities. Specify your talent For example if you know more than one language always refer it. It makes good impression for your job. If you won any award or certificate related to your field always mention that in your resume.