Prepare for a job interview-Do’s and Don’ts

Prepare  for a job interview-Do’s and Don’ts


Job interviews are a must before you get the job. To prepare for a job interview you must some
basic rules and guidelines. Most of the companies have similar hiring procedures. They may ask
you to sit for a test or have a group discussion session with other competitors. Now, you can
know all about job interviews and what to do and what not to do with this article.

What to do

To prepare for a job interview you must first do the following things

Know the employer- this is the very first step that you need to do. Learn all you get
about your employee, what the company is based on, what they seek from their
employers and more. It is researched that most of the job seekers do not research well
about the employer. This automatically makes them out of the line. It takes only a few
hours to know everything you can about your employer. You can check out the official
website of the company to get the details.
2. Research about the job application- once you know everything about the employer;
learn all you can about the job you are applying for. Make sure you know what you have
to do. You can get all the details from any search engines and articles available online.
3. Practice and practice- practice as many possible questions as you can like, why do you
want to join our company? what makes the company different from another? Etc…


What not to do

1. Never wear casual wear to an interview- make sure you dress formally unless asked to.
Casual dress code makes a bad impression on the employer.
2. Never stammer or tremble while answering questions.
3. Do not slump back in your chair. Try sitting upright as much as possible.

When you prepare for a job interview, keep the above point job interviewin mind.