popular interview questions

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Most popular interview questions you should expect


There are some questions about yourself and the job you are looking for that you will always expect when you are preparing for the interview. These questions might also border on the company that is offering you the job and in most cases these questions have been so asked and answered that they become very dogmatic. You need to find new ways of giving out the same answer to these popular interview questions in a more creative and excitingly intelligent manner.


Why do you want this job? This is one of the most popular interview questions. Answering this, you only need to tell them how you like the responsibilities the company brings and how you want to give yourself the challenge of working with them. You should also expect questions about other firms you have applied with. Make sure you tell them they are your first choice in everything or that you have not, but only intend to apply to other firms


Other popular interview questions are what your greatest achievements were. Here, you only need to tell them what you have achieved in your last job in very humble and simple language. If you have not done any, tell them how you overcame some difficult situation in life, probably in your university days or community. When asked about your strength, try telling them those skills that sells you as a person.


What your weaknesses are will see you telling them those things you do in excess or better still, the weaknesses you have overcome and now use as strength in achieving results. Why you choose your university for studies will hinge on the availability of the course you wanted to read and how good they are at it. Where you expect to be in 5 years should be in their firm in a higher post. When asked about your team work, you should tell them how you helped the team succeed. Popular interview questions will also include how you work under pressure etc.


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