Interview with Radu Balas

Interview with Radu Balas, Amazon bestselling author, web designer Publishing Addict’s Founder


Hello Radu, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an entrepreneur and an author.  I started pretty early in my career as a web designer.  I used to design logos for various websites way back my teenage years.  I was 15 and the internet was just in its early stages so I’d say I’d had the advantage of being one of the first few who have discovered the potentials of the world wide web.  I knew that it will be big, being a visionary that I am.  And so from there I built my career and later on founded my online business.  When not working, I travel, do sports or spend time with my family and friends.


What are your focus areas and why?

Website development, SEO and ROI.  All businesses and authors today know the importance of having your own website because it serves as their home on the web representing their brand.  To get the most out of their websites, SEO still proves to be a great tool to reach their targeted audience.  And, of course, measuring the ROI is of utmost importance to determine that all efforts put into the website and SEO are working to the advantage of the business or the author.


How do you describe “Publishing Addict” in few words?

Publishing Addict is a one-stop-shop providing solutions to all website, SEO and marketing needs.  It’s cost- and time-saving because you don’t need to hire a full-time designer but get the same or greater result for a fraction of the cost.  And we deliver quality with great website design and functionalities.


Where do you think you are making an impact?

In the way things are done.  We make things a lot easier and convenient for authors and businesses.  I’m not a fan of DIY.  Unless you’ve got so much time in your hands, DIY is not advisable for businesses.  We believe more in the “done-for-you” system.  Imagine how much an author can write in a few hours.  The time he spends writing is equivalent to a good amount of financial returns.  Why spend it building your own website when others can do it at a minimal charge, much less than how much you’d lose if you do it yourself?  What we do is we tackle the dirty work for them while they’re busy writing or running their business.


What are some things that most people don’t know about your job?

It’s not easy but it’s fun.  They always say find the job that makes you happy.  For me, the proper way to say it is to have the job that you can love and tolerate most days.  You can’t love it everyday because there are challenges here and there.  My job has its own shares of challenges but I love it, it pays the bills and lets me enjoy many things in life such as traveling and having some nice material possessions.


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

As to where physically, I cannot really say.  I’ve lived in many different cities.  But in the matters of the business, I still see myself running an online business, helping other businesses grow through the world wide web.  I may even have written 2 or 3 books in total, promoting them in different countries.


What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working on “Publishing Addict”?

Getting clients is one but getting repeat clients is really the challenge.  They’re the real source of income because having them keeps the wheels running.  That’s why we never shortchange our service.  Always topnotch, always up to date.


What can you tell to young people who are pursuing their dreams?

Start NOW.  If I had not started when I was 15, the best time for me is now.  No one can tell you it’s too late to start.  And if you fall, get back up and never be afraid to start all over again.  Your path is yours and you can never compare it to anyone else.  Better make good use of what you have, make peace with yourself and your unique talents.  That’s the best way to honor your path.


What are you most excited about at the moment?

I’m excited about catering other types of businesses.  Right now, we’re doing mostly author websites and a few restaurant websites.  We believe that the same system would work for many small to medium enterprises.  I’m also excited for my next trip out of town.  That’s the beauty of having your own business.  I can go on lengthy vacation and have the business create passive income for me.


The last word or final thoughts?

Beer and tennis.  Haha!  Those are the things I enjoy doing with my friends who are also working with me in the business.  Even though a business is a really serious matter, we always have time for beer or pizza or tacos.  We make sure we find time to relax, just taking it easy.