Nurses interview questions

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Nurses interview questions


Nurses interview questions would usually be asked when a nurse tried to apply for a new job. There are many types of things that they need to understand and prepare.


Question 1: Why do you want to change your workplace?

If you have worked for other clinics or hospitals before, this would always be the question. The interviewers want to know the reason so you should think carefully before you answer.


Question 2: Why did you choose to study nursing?

Usually, you should have obtained the certificate in order to work as a nurse. Therefore, you would be asked for the motivation that drove you to study in this field. This is a question that you can answer well and capture impression from the interviewers.


Question 3: What is your career aspiration?

You have to answer this question in a positive way. This is a very important aspect that you have to pay attention to. You need to treat the job that you are applying for as the final job in your career and you would need to show that you are willing to fully dedicate the time to work for this employer. You can also set some timelines for you to achieve something in the progress.


Question 4: What do you see about the role of nurses in the medical field?

You would need to identify the role of nurses in a fair view. You should not bold the existence of nurse but at the same time you have to defend the existence and value of nurses in the medical field.


Question 5: Can you share an experience about some touching moments in your work?

You just need to base on the facts and answer something true. If you find that there was no touching moments in your life as a nurse before, you may need to think of one or to make up one. The experience should be something that you have learnt from. In other words, you have to relate the whole thing to yourself. If you did not participate in the issue but just saw the issue as an outsider, you need to tell the reasons why the issue was impressive.


Question 6: How would you handle the complaints from patients?

If you are applying for the senior position of nurses, you would usually encounter this question. This tests your ability to deal with stress and to be the middlemen to bring messages from one patient to the corresponding nurse as you are the senior.


Question 7: How many years will you work in this field?

It is hard to say that you will work till retirement. 15 to 20 years would be fine.


Question 8: How much do you want to earn?

You need to read the recruitment information carefully and set the expected salary beforehand.


Question 9: How would you handle a patient with serious cough?

Situational questions like this would always be asked and you need to use your experience and knowledge to answer.


Question 10: What leisure book would you like to read?

There would sometimes be some questions which are not related to your specific job application. You just need to keep calm and answer honestly.

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