interview etiquette

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Interview etiquette to imbibe


There is no gainsaying that nowadays what gives us the job are not just the degrees we were able to get from the university or the experiences we had in the previous jobs. If we consider this, then it will be very true to note that we will always find people better than us in this. What matters in the job is the character and skills of the employee. This is just the reason why the interviewers will look at your interview etiquette thoroughly during the interview.


Due to this, you have to imbibe good interview etiquette to beat them and they include coming with a very clean mouth without any dirt or odor by brushing your teeth well with the help of a mouth wash. Then make your hair clean and comb it well. Your nails should be completed trimmed to give a very clean look. You should always go with the company’s dress code, and if they don’t have one, get the general code. Overdress instead of under dressing. Be professional in your attire and wear dress shoes. Interview etiquette will include being at the interview arena 15 minutes earlier. It is always good to leave your phone behind, but if you must go with it, switch it off or in the silent mode.


If eventually they take you on a lunch, they are not doing this to feed you, but to know how relaxed you can be and your table etiquette. So apply all relevant interview etiquette in form of table manners. Be assertive and greet the interviewers with firm hand shakes when necessary. Always have a mild smile on you. Speak clearly and directly, avoid stuttering. Make use of technical terms when needed and ask questions when confused. When you are through with the interview, shake every interviewers hand and great them. Then you might send a thank you note when the interview is over.


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